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Dear Jim: Supply Chain Issues, Afghanistan.

As you know, we recently rebuilt our house after Hurricane Michael. The new house went up okay with little waiting for materials but I saved a bunch of DIY finish-up projects to keep me busy during this Covid Crisis downtime. Getting materials has been a problem for over year. Like you I've had trouble getting everyday electrical boxes for switches and outlets. I've had a garage door on order for 3 months with no sign of delivery. I had to order 4 "in-stock ready to ship" kitchen cabinets about 8 times to find the last 4 cabinets. These are now mismatched because too many first choice items are out of stock and likely out of production. Current slim pickings will get even skinnier with Ida closing New Orleans ports.


In other news, ICYMI, one of the JFKjr Telegram accounts posted:

"A wise prince has always distributed arms to the general population.

— Niccolo Machiavelli"

Meanwhile, the EzraACohen Telegram account confirmed that "KP" stands for Kash Patel by posting "Devolution".

Add these 2 items to Trump's springing a "Good Taliban" leader out of a Pakistani (CIA) jail a few years back. I now firmly believe that the "Team Trump Military" evacuated all of the desirable Americans and allies that needed to leave out of Afghanistan. Plenty of weapons and supplies were left for the "Good Taliban" to defend the grassroots Afghanistan population against the "Bad/CIA Taliban" and "Deep State NWO Dogs" that were left behind. Afghanistan is now on their own and will get their frozen funds at the Federal Reserve unlocked if they play nice through The Reset. Resident Actor Bidan gets to take the propaganda heat wave in yet another scene of this Castlerock movie drama.

"Psychological Warfare"

"Can't spell Taliban without C I A."

"Afghanistan - Nothing failed. Everything is going according to their plan."


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