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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Source for Ivermectin.

We need to be aware that the current Covid Protocols (esp. Remdesivir) have turned many hospitals into "killing fields" for Covid patients.

Here's a young man who recently lost numerous relatives, who had one thing in common: they all went to the hospital for treatment.

We need to get Ivermectin and dosage instructions out to our family, friends and possibly even the wider community. Then, assuming we also boost our immune systems by taking Vitamin D (see * below), whenever we get sick we take the Ivermectin at home as early treatment and get well right away; no trips to the hospital for testing or treatment and we don't become statistics in this fake Covid pandemic. Medical authorities will not help us do this; they continue to tell us there is no prevention or treatment for Covid-19; we need to do this ourselves as a grass roots effort. I know of a reliable website where we can order Ivermectin directly from a foreign country at a good price (must buy quantity though). I would reveal that to any of your readers who are interested and that you trust. They could then make it available to their friends, family and possibly community. I can also provide them some guidance about that. Pete * Vitamin D: take 50 * (your weight in lbs) each day. E.g. 160 pound person * 50 = 8,000 IU/day. Then do a Vitamin D blood test after 3 months; fine tune the amount from there. This is as important as the Ivermectin, it's the one-two punch!

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