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Dear Jim: Signs on Land

With your digital/binary programming background I'm surprised you divided the analog political world into 3 groups that all fall under the "Order" side of the Order vs Chaos dichotomy. Where do the Anarchists stand?

Civil War?

A friend emailed me, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

I replied, "Do you know where to aim?"

Below is my version of hard divisions assuming only the 3 groups you provided. In a practical world most folks would choose a modified center group or sub-group. Yes, the pendulum is coming to a stop on the left. If it gets stuck and doesn't reverse to the right humanity is toast.


Government: Strong / Communist / Feudal / Dictatorial

Economics: Leader owns everything - see above

Central Bank: Everything provided - no money required

Globalism: Yes, Leader owns/controls EVERYTHING


Government: Weak / Communism-Capitolism-Lite / Confusion

Economics: Some Monopolies & some Free Markets

Central Bank: Weak, mostly barter & local currencies

Globalism: No, limited global trade/barter


Government: Strong / Republic / Freedoms of Choice

Economics: Free markets with anti-monopolistic controls

Central Bank: Strong currency(s) but limited scope

Globalism: No, open trade using international currency.

Note: Democracy eventually leads to Communism when the majority of the masses realize they can vote themselves whatever benefits they want.

After first reading "The Brief, The History of Banking, an Asian Perspective" some 8 years ago I still review it several times a year. It is extremely information dense. Each time I connect more dots, things I missed earlier. It describes the very beginnings of "NESARA", The Plan of the Experts, Trust the Plan... It's coming together, again, maybe it won't get hijacked this time. Page 79 is attached but the entire slideshow is gold. Jeff

Response: Thanks Jeff. I like your's better. I think we need to add Individual Freedom as well. Left = Enslaved; Center = enslaved; Right = Sovereign.

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