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Dear Jim: I Was Shocked Yesterday.

I was shocked at Cliff”s comment about Charlie Ward and Simon Parks.     Judy

Response: Don't be shocked. For those that have not listened to Clif's interview yesterday, let me bring you up to speed. Clif was asked if there would be a biblical Debt Forgiveness, like under NESARA/GESARA. Clif in his own words suggested Parkes and Ward should shut up about NESARA and GESARA. He said there would not be a "Debt Forgiveness" (declaration); the banks would simply collapse and that would be the end of the global debt to them.

Now let's lock in our minds that Clif does not claim communications with the military or insiders whereas Parkes and Ward do.

So now we are discussing NESARA. That is the supposed plan to confiscate the wealth of the Elite and distribute it to the masses both as reparations for harm done by the Elite, as a means to calm the masses and as a way to recreate a functioning economy absent investment bankers. Thus those with new wealth would have incentive to invest in humanity’s future out of collapse.

Judy, let me explain it my way. To start, recall the story of the blind people who came into contact with their first elephant and each described the animal in the context of the body part they each touched, yielding vast differences in their interpretations. In my view let’s assume we are searching for a dangerous and most wanted fugitive in the wilderness.

The bloodhounds tell us where they were. The hunter is looking behind where they were and is looking at where they will probably proceed next on the trails. Clif is remote viewing the future news headlines. A few others are remote viewing what they feel as psychics. So each has a different angle of the view. So now lets complicate things. Let’s throw in a heavy thunderstorm clouding everyone's view.

Clif admits his future linguistics trail has ended, possibly due to the restriction of free speech. He can’t see any further. The military paid remote viewers are said to have hit the “Convergence of time lines” wall several years ago and can see no further. So let’s assume that holds true for all remote viewers.

That puts us in the room we are all in today. Now for my personal opinion. I have tried to track NESARA for years but little evidence it is a definite go. There is no proof but how could there be in a war like this. There are no guarantees. But having said that, it is an amazing plan to jump start humanity as we must recreate ourself. So to me it does not matter if it is an order nailed to the State Capital wall or a blueprint we study and follow in our local communities, I believe the substance of it will materialize.

So here is my final challenge to you. If I am wrong in the above paragraph, and we escape the clutches of the Elite, then answer one question for me. What will immediately become of all the wealth recovered from the Elite?

Final Critical Thinking Questions:

A) Can the stories of NESARA be both true and untrue, to some degree, at the same time?

B) Can all the trackers in the wilderness be correct, to some degree, at the same time?

C) Can Parkes & Ward be on the right trail and Clif be on the right trail at the same time, but in their own way?

My Final Thought:

For twenty years I have felt that the new economic system cannot be handed to us because if it is it benefits the Elite. I still believe that. But I also believe that there are free thinkers trying to visualize solutions that might be worth exploring post chaos. I also believe the remote viewers (all of humanity) are now picking up images of our possible futures.

Therefore, one cannot rule out parts of the plan of NESARA being in our future; all things are possible and it is only what we choose to create. We are, and will be, the creators. What do we choose to create?

I appreciate that to many of you this will sound like double talk. But we are not heading back in history to our usual material world where everything is either "A" or "B". We are heading into a world of all possibilities that we ourselves choose to create. This will be the final awakening.

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