• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Rule Of Law?

Do you think rule of law is gone since scotus dismissed the case?" Olpa Response: No, I do not think it is dead. It is very much alive in the hearts of men. Look at the people out into the streets now demanding the return of law in some manner or other.

To me there are two ways to interpret the SCOTUS after yesterday. First, I already mentioned today, they have already ruled in favor of Trump and by request of Trump they are holding the announcement.

The other is SCOTUS realized that things are explosive and felt it was better to "force" Trump to take the Insurrection Act route. Either way I feel the SCOTUS was trying to revive law in the country. With the Insurrection Act bad judges, AGs, lawmakers, etc can be gutted out of the system quickly, bringing the Republic back to the rule of law. The rule of law creates commerce; it is the rules of planning and running a business. Without rule of law commerce collapses. Isn't that what happened to our economy ten years ago? It collapsed and never returned all because the system was now running on lawlessness.

Up until after WWII train engines carried two small ramps (frogs) attached to their side. They were needed in the event a train car derailed. They were bolted to the tracks and the train rolled forward with the bad wheels riding up the frogs and then dropping back onto the track. Our frog is our Insurrection Act. I believe trump is mad enough to clean house the way it is now needed. As Dr. Phil always says, first you have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it. The American people are there now. Let's fix it!

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