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Dear Jim: Robert Kennedy's Book

Jim; Just started reading Robert Kennedy's book The Real Anthony Fauci. I've read only 100 pages but it is devastating. If Kennedy or anyone put together a book like this it would get them a doctorate. It is full of public sourced documents and a gawd awful amount of foot notes. This book will ultimately bring this sucker down. The medical community/press, government and Bill Gates have all been compromised along with China. It will enrage you to no end and the worst part it was global. I recommend it and it would be worth several articles with your comments. Its not very thick but makes up for it because the print is small. SgtBlue P.S. It should get a Pulitzer but I'm sure it'll shortly be banned. SgtBlue Response: Thanks Sarge. Because of you I can stand at the buffet table a lot longer. You wrote an article better than I ever could have.

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