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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding the Russians abandoning the CCP.

Someone posted this in a chat room today:

It appears that the biggest news story today is the apparent notice by Russia that they no longer recognize the CCP as ruler of China, but has reverted back to the Peoples Republic of China.

My Response: You are right about the CCP being the only party in China.

I am just thinking out loud here. First, consider the Bylaws of a corporation. They may be loosely adhered to by the organization as time goes by. But when disputes arise they are used to reset the company. They are then rigidly used to get the train back on track. And so too will the Republic of China's charter/Bylaws/constitution be used to form a new government. This may be similar to the British government collapsing and a new Prime Minister is appointed/elected to form a new government. So if conditions are bad in China, and the population turns on the operating government, the CCP, they will collapse and now there is a chance a new form of government can be created. When our government collapses we too will resort back to our founding organizing documents to resort to devolution to downsize the current government.

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