• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding Lori's Post

I agree with every single word as if I wrote it myself!

When I was a child learning about the American Revolution, I had the assumption that 100% of Americans were behind it. I have read lately that only a small percentage of the populace supported the fight to disengage with England. So in the present situation, there are indeed an astounding number of people that "don't get it". It seems that a remarkably low percentage of people will still be able to prevail in the situation we now find ourselves in. With that in mind, I just keep "my eyes on the prize" and mentally mock up the amazingly fabulous world ahead according to Charlie and Simon.

In the meantime, I take action locally by attending City Council meetings (ugh) and campaigning for local uncorrupt, not paid for, representatives. (there are some). Being optimistic does NOT stop me from taking action. Just the opposite!

Charlie and Simon give me energy and hope. I need both! I love Jordan, but I need to believe that we Davids will conquer Goliath. From the trenches I need a General who says "we've got this thing!" I've got to feel it in my gut to keep up the fight, to keep going.

💘 Calhoun

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