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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding De Jure Grand Juries.

[Note: About 10 years ago I was a volunteer to restore Florida back to its Constitution (what we are all doing today). Florida's effort was headed by Gene Exum, a fine preacher dedicated to the effort.]

Hello, thanks for the reminder of the subject, I forgot you were from Florida. our friend Gene Exum just passed away, I thought you knew him. He was praying to see the Republic restored, He will be missed greatly. thanks for all you do and say. sincerely, jim h

Response: Thanks for the update Jim. I only met Gene twice but was most impressed with him and all that he accomplished. During the time we were trying to bring up Florida I recall writing that what we were doing was new, never before tried and not directly in the law books. It was as if many groups, each taking different approaches, were all black cats locked in a blacked out room searching for a black rat at night. Every now and then someone would go out into the hall and squeal "victory" but the rest of us never knew if the rat had been caught. I hope that Gene realized that what we all, from all approaches, gave the movement life and set us up for today. God bless Gene! May he live forever.

Response back from Jim h: LOL yes you have a way with words and the same sinearo applied in arkansas as well.

I see many like robert david steel on a crusade to restore our Republic It has to happen !

I think it is safe to say all of the american people have been in that dark place for a very long time.



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