• Jim Costa


Funny, your talking about Mike Adams and my return email to you on this.... Also, I wrote a quicky email to a few I sent this Daboo7 link to, then thought about it after.......Crap, I recanted it. He too does not know what is really going on about the REAL Reset and how the so called Global Reset that was planned to be the Deep State one that to me was like the Mark of the Beast baaaaaad one.

From what I gathered by putting my dots together, right or wrong I don't know is much different than his quick take. He actually scared the crap out of me somehow and as if the way he said his take was the absolute truth and his voice presentation showed this. Wow, I got stupid for a second and it shook me up cause that was the bad Reset or one that would be doomed to failure, yet out of moving too fast on my fingers instead of my brain, I forwarded this to a few people. Again, after thinking, I recanted this to my people. He is also wrong. Again, he doesn't have enough info in this area and decided to ALERT US IN A SCARY WAY. From what I feel the real reset is going to be wonderful, needed and still backed in a Christian all American Common sense way that will be wonderful for all the good people. Not being naive, but this is my take from 10 yrs. of study on this issue..........I could be wrong...if so, MAY GOD HELP US ALL cause the alternative is really, really bad............Adam Response: I totally agree with you Adam. You are on the right trail!

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