• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding Blood Donations.

Per your most recent post and current observations, thank you - and you are 100% correct about the blood donations! Heard it last night, on the Owen Shroyer portion of infowars. A guy came on and statedly exactly that...what you said. They screened him, asked about the vaxx - and turned him down when he said he'd had one. Although, just a couple of weeks ago....I heard the complete opposite....that they WERE accepting Covid Hoaxed Morons blood - so there is no way the blood supply is "safe" Personally, I don't use drugs or their nazi practicing minions for anything in over 40 years - so I really don't care....

Instead, I prefer to Take Care of Myself as though my life depended on it - which of course it does. I don't know of a single person who's died of "natural causes"

Knowledge is Power.


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