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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Your Two Rants Saturday.

I met a Mossad officer, Peter Z. Malkin, in October of 2000. He was the first of his team to physically grab Eichmann in Argentina. Malkin wrote a book about it, "Eichmann In My Hands". In the book, Malkin made the point that not one railroad track to any of the camps was ever bombed by the Allies. Wow! What does that tell you?

Years before, a book by G. Edward Griffin told of the biggest US industrialists and bankers funding and supplying the 3rd Reich. Soooo much has been hidden from us by "the evil ones". Propaganda beyond description.

Regarding people moving to Florida in droves:

Our Huntington Beach patriot, Tito Ortiz, is now moving to Florida. He was elected to HB City Council, but because he was a popular Hispanic celebrity conservative, he was harassed unmercifully by leftists. When his children were also harassed, he resigned. Our loss is your gain, Tito is a great guy. I am in the red t-shirt as a first supporter of Tito when he ran for HB City Council a couple of years ago. Sylvia

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