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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Your Fulford Questions.

You said: "Is Fulford implying the Biden also does not control the military and that is why he is using commercial flights to withdraw Americans from Afghanistan? If Fulford going to say that most of those Americans still trapped there are Deep State operatives and contractors?"

The question presented is a great one…………. I now wonder if the Talaban leader let out of Gitmo is about to delete quite a few Deep State operatives and contractors over there for the sake of our Republic.

When the US corporation was dissolved the only thing left was the Republic.

As far as I know from our studies is that we have two presidents at the same time. Trump dumped the DNI, sealed indictments and the insurrections Act (signed) in the military’s hands on or about January 19.

The Military’s only contract with the people is the Constitution (Trump dissolved the corporation in London about a year ago).

The military had to:

(1) verify the information that Trump gave them

(2) had the option of calling for new elections or installing The rightful winner. The real winner we know however the military needed absolute proof (ie: forensic audits). (that is why They (Dems] are opposing those audits with such forcefullness – the Dems can’t let the military have absolute proof, therefore the political bickering Is probably going on behind the scenes is terrible.

(3) through this process the military will not recognize Biden until the Issue of who won for sure is factually and irrifutably settled. And I am sure, there are those in the military who do not recognize Trump until it is factually and irrifutably settled also. (4) sooooooo we wait until irrifutable evidence of who won is presented.

The two presdients at the same time has been phrophecied. Jack

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