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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: RE: Why Are We Waiting?

"Why don’t certain Senators step forward and organize a group statement by all Senators that believe the Covid narrative is a lie and publish it?"

Assange told us that 98% of Congress was corrupt. So, when Epstein's control files changed hands, plus all the other damning evidence, the puppet strings also changed hands. The truly evil have already been processed and some replaced by actors. The 2% and half-bad members are now following a new plan while backstage ops root out the last stores of False Flag ammo that could tip over the card table.

Have you noticed that truly important news is leaked out slowly before it hits the major alt-news and MSM?

"I am sorry to say this but I see the time quickly approaching when most political leaders should fear for their lives."

I do believe most political figures are already fearing for their future. They've been freshly brushed with a dark shade of paint and most know that paint always dries darker.

"All's fair in love and war..." "Not everything will be clean..." Collateral damage. Whatever. The unfolding narrative sure beats an outright kinetic civil/revolutionary war. If the plan works it will be brilliant in hindsight. If it doesn't work at least it delayed the FEMA Camps and guillotines the bad guys had waiting for us. Let's not forget Killary's original plan.

From one angle the VAX is an IQ test - vote with your shoulder. Very few of the innocent have been forced to take The Shot, coerced maybe, but not forced. It's a measure of the public's position with high precision down to the individual. Perhaps the bad puppets are being coerced or forced into taking The Shot (heard around the world).


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