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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim - Re: The retaking.


I seem to remember, several years ago, there was a case before the

Supreme Court of US.

In the decision, I think the US Supreme court said:

That a corporation was empowered with the same powers that a man/woman/citizen

would have… ie: could contract , etc………….

if that is true, does not that poke a BIG HOLE in what they are trying to do in MARACOPA County? Jack C.

Response: No. You are correct in your memory of that case. The Corporation government can do and say whatever they want in their dream world. So in their world a living man and corporation are equal. But under Common Law a living man is always higher than a fictitious organization.

The corporation government does not have the power to change nature. To restate that, a corporation cannot decree all corporations are equal to living men. If they originally did not have the power, how can it now give itself the power?

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