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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Taxes appear to be voluntary.

Hey Jim,

The challenge for many people appears simply the following:

1) everyone wants to feel important

2) and then be successful

Collectively, we may be at the place where bigger than life considerations are relevant; however, more often than not ... we are not.  So, In the mean time... learning and using unconventional but common remedy(s) are not incongruent with omnipresent parallel statistical fat-tail event potential scenarios.

And even it such fat-tail is upon us - such a cycle does not appear to be forever.  

Uncommon, but common "sense" is often a plentiful natural guide.

Otherwise, attacks (a tax) upon our clearer the-inking of in-formation(s) and thus be-have-i-or-s appear to lead us into dam-nation.

Thinking or the-ink-ing of one's mind is not the full potential of free-will, but possibly the limiting decision-spaces upon where we all more often live and breath.

Maybe we all get to a "state" of bliss, but just in case.  I'll use basic reason-ing to solve the rest.

I have moved to "states" of mind that are out of this world, however, I also try and live more successfully within it - given its various limitations.  That's just my "current" preference.

Flexibility regarding "State(s)" of mind appears a potentially most important ingredient.

That is the fun-e part.

No declared war-e either way.

jim b.

Comment From Jim: Could this be what I refer to as "slipping back and forth in time?"

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