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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: outage ????

Upon reflection…….

  1. Wasn’t the United States attacked??? Was it worse then Pearl Harbor ???

  2. If we were attacked, are we at war (all be it a non-aggressive war?)

  3. If enemy combatants were identified inside the boundaries of the US, should they be confronted and eliminated?

  4. If a enemy combatant was giving resources (money and other services) to projects such as buying voting bins to be placed where folks could just drop off their ballots with out verification, would not that be waging war.

  5. Therefore, if a enemy combatants voting bin was identified to receive thousands of votes when video evidence shows that only 28 individuals came to the voting bin, then it would be irrefutable evidence that there was a non-aggressive war occurring at that spot plus the combatants could be easily identified.

  6. Therefore, if enemy combatants are identified, should not non-aggressive war be conducted against them such as shutting down their ability to acquire resources (money)

  7. Therefore, is the act of blacking out or shutting down the enemy combatant’s ability to wage war the correct response?? Jack

Response: These are all excellent questions Jack. But perhaps before one can begin working backwards through them perhaps one more question should be added before its zietgest can be factored in. I assume zietgiest is a German word for which there is no real synonym. It is loosely translated as the world around a particular place and time that would impact decisions. An example is an author writing about someone in 1840 in the Southern US. deciding to make corn mush for breakfast.

Perhaps Question #8 should be "Do you believe our country has been captured?"

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