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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Low Conflict Warfare.

Anna Von Reitz has summed up the situation: our government is exactly the opposite of what our founder intended. The people were intended to rule. The contractors were intended to serve.

Now after three "government corporations" posing as our real constitutional government have bankrupted themselves three times and made us responsible for their debts, the poseurs want to reestablish their rule by stealing all our money and property and killing the majority of us. It's true! Every word Anna speaks is true. Get off your butts folks! This is serious!


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Jun 19, 2022

I picked up a book at the RPT convention by Scott Winston Dragland titled "Let My People Go; Why Texas Must Regain Its Independence" . He makes a good case that there is no saving the Federal Union. It is going under into totalitarianism. Elidea Munoz, immigrant from Cuba in 1960, told that what the Castroite communists did in Cuba is happening on our streets today. How can we save living free? Is it Texit? Does Anna Von Reitz show the path? IF we are to save our country and our free way of life, we must all work for it, and get our friends and neighbors involved.

Best regards, Tore Fossum

John Duggan
John Duggan
Jun 20, 2022
Replying to

Anna plans to rebuild the governments starting at the local levels and ending at the national level. Counties will reform. Then states, then the assembly of states. All of this will be done by private individuals who will volunteer to run the government. Thanks Tore.

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