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  • Jim Costa

Dear JIm: Re: Indirect Proof . . .

Jim, dear buddy, you have no clue how incredibly powerful our US Military really is. Sorry to tell you. Our Navy can take down the entire Chinese flight with one ship. Our Air Force can obliterate any other air force. Our Army, on the other hand, is a joke. The exception are the special opps people like Army Intel and special forces. The guys out at Fort Wachucka AZ took down the voting scam in Frankfort. It is my understanding that we still have flag officers and various units that are treasonous, but even that is doubtful. The conjecture that our US MILTARY is weak is absolute and complete "bovine scatology." HURRAH.


Response: Thank you for your comments.

I admit I am not military experienced.

I am not suggesting that the US Military is inferior to other militarys. I am suggesting that the technology is changing so rapidly that all Navys now may be relying on outdated ships, and those outdated ships may not be able to hold a future global empire together.

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