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Dear Jim: RE: I get The Feel Today May Be Putting Us In The Last Month.

More last month dots that may or may not connect...rumors and speculation!

Today is the anniversary of the JFK event in Dallas... Lately the question has been rephrased, "WHO DIDN'T KILL THE KENNEDYS?" All roads lead to Rome, and then on to London.

Operation London Bridge (is falling down) - The plan to control the narrative surrounding the public demise of the Queen.

Whiplash347 seems to think the London Bridge deadline is the 24th (of Nov???) for some reason. Ten dark days takes us to Dec 3:

US could run out of money December 3 (later changed to Dec 15):

That Ezra Cohen Telegram character is hinting at widespread power outages as the tide has turned. Scroll up and down for more interesting posts like the Continuity Of Government plan signed by Trump on Dec 7, 2020 (another heinous anniversary): ("Tide has officially turned.") (power outages?) (COG info, scroll up)

The tide has definitely changed - watch the water!


Creating Local Script / Barter Money

A couple handfuls of pre-1965 (junk) silver dimes and quarters could go a long way in preventing or delaying the need for script currency in a barter economy. That's about 100 dimes with roughly 8 oz silver content at a cost of around $200 in today's fiat $USD. One man's junk is another man's treasure. Unlike script real money would be portable and liquid between communities. The problem is getting folks to get some "cheap" in$urance while it's still available. Hopefully it won't be too long before a widely acceptable replacement financial system is in place. The White Hats' AI has war gamed just about everything so post crash money and currencies are certainly a part of their plan. (Note that Bill Holter expects the first replacement currency to fail before metals return to widespread circulation.)


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