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Dear Jim: Re: Fiduciaries & Guards

After watching the picnic in the Senate chamber, something akin (but not as rowdy) to the public parties Andrew Jackson threw after his elections, I was convinced there was nothing violent about it. People or should I say CITIZENS made an informal tour of their property and then left. The only problem is when a black DC cop plugged a female white veteran when she opened an unlocked door. Of course it was declared a necessity that he kill her. Obviously she was a danger to the Senators who had absconded to safe rooms and were jittering their way to planning this judicial fiasco. The Senators and Reps (especially Nan P) should be punished, but what we do to them will never be enough.

John Dugan

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John, I do not think Babbitt was killed. This paper analyzes all the absurdities of that day. And, the author links to this video of the 'shooting', and shows that she was in fact not shot: Ashli Babbit ALIVE and WELL The FALSE FLAG Shooting ( I think the Q scenario -- that this is all a movie to wake up Normies -- is playing out. I think Normies are being shown the evilness and lies of those in power, things that we here already know. And, as part of the 'movie,' no one is dying in any of these fake events.

Reply from Jim: Tell me it ain't so! My IRS auditor died last week!

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