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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re Durham.

The inability of Durham to secure a conviction proves, in part, the politically slanted decisions that have been coming out of some of the courts lately.

If your political persuasion does not fit the judges then you are on the wrong side of the case

no matter what the facts are == proof that feelings and politics are used by some to reach decisions.

When facts and ethics are disregarded by courts, then a court’s use in a free society becomes questionable.

We are at a tipping point in our history…

We, as a people, have had it too good for too long,

We, as a people, have allowed others who make decisions by using their feelings into our government, judicial, health care , entertainment, education, military and political units…

Therefore, we as a people, are seeing the results of what we, as a people, allowed to occur.

We simply have been to nice for too long.

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