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Dear Jim: Re: David Wynn Miller

Hi Jim;

I'm sorry, just have to ask you if you've ever really LOOKED INTO "David Wynn Miller" or done any research of your own to see how "he handled all those foreclosure cases" that he claims to have - which I have, years ago - even before his passing....and after I'd met him in a business setting about 15 years ago where we had a pleasant but quite professional conversation between peers as he lived just North in Milwaukee

I was so surprised the first time I'd seen a video come along with him in it, and I was curious enough then to want to do 'the research'. He enjoined all of his so-called "foreclosure cases" by Quit Claiming onto title and never ever once 'represented anyone' but rather then as a Pro Se Defendant who simply pissed off a lot of judges - all of which ended up losing...and was essentially absent any constructive defense just like all of the other poor saps who buy into this internet "strawman defenses' via 'sovereign citizen' nonsensical BS scams - acting like that in court is just the same as not being there at all.

He's a charlatan and a scam artist, and I don't know what got into you today Jim....but I thought you should know.

I've practiced contract and business law for myself for close to 40 years, and fight Fire with Fire - dragging out my own Pro Se foreclosure 10 years WHILE BOA kept My roof over My head by digging in their pockets every month for $1200 to pay My T&I. XXXX

Response: Sorry that we are in disagreement.

I never followed his case history; it did not matter to me. I was only concerned with his original thesis. I studied it completely for 6 months and it is the real thing to me in my opinion. I appreciate the Pro Se movements as I too have studied some of them. But they are destined to end in failure until supported by guns and a revamp of the legal system.

It is no victory if one person escapes to his sovereignty - we all must escape. I personally have met with two persons who lost their lives attempting to get out of the system.

Miller's name was mentioned in this podcast today in the last two minutes: Run-On Banks has Started.

Today Judy Byington [link] posted the link to the article referenced above. [That is what brought up his name today.]

Response to XXXX: I too have been involved in failed attempts at freedom. I spent time and money supporting the Florida Republic movement to convene county grand juries to return the state to its constitution.

I learned that there are many attempts at trying to gain sovereignty back. Some are large group attempts and some are loner attempts by following someone else's lead.

There never was a clear path to legal success as we are all attempting to accomplish something new and not in the law books. At the same time we are mostly fighting a crooked legal system.

To disparage a person's life work simply because he failed is wrong in these types of attempts. It's like stepping over a dead soldier's body on Normandy beach and scowling "fool" at him for trying the impossible.

A lot of good people like yourself have been wounded in the ongoing assault. We all deserve honor for our failures and yet continued attempts.

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