• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: David Miller

Dear Jim,

Absolutely agree if you play their game you will lose.
People need to take their blindfolds off and see the truth of how things are. Once enough people have done this and it staggers me now that there are still those asleep, then we are the many they are the few.

There is right and wrong fair and unfair and what i call natural law or better yet what is just (ice) and any contract where one side has been lying or duplicitous is null and void by any fair right or just metric.

As Charlie Ward has explained in the UK when a Police officer charges you and says “do you understand” if you say “yes” you have agreed to STAND UNDER HIM you agreed to his authority over you. That is just one example there are many other examples out there as to how money is raised for every child born as we are in a way a ‘property’ to be bartered and exchanged, so enough of the B.S. as David Icke says about the SCAMdemic “this stops when we stop it”
Im from the UK but didnt your wise former leaders state that FREEDOM only last for a generation it is something that was fought for and has to be stood up for and reasserted lest it be lost.

The game is oh so clear to reduce our numbers and have us cowering in fear and under UNASSAILABLE conrol we are not there yet and i see multiple positive signs but in the end this is truly fight now or die because for the many if the few have their way life wont be worth anything in the dark future the ‘elite’ are truly striving for, and yes it does take those with skills and knowledge grouping together and courage also, but isnt your land ’the home of the FREE and the land of the BRAVE’ 

How many brave Americans have died abroad fighting actually for the coffers of those at the top of the pyramid because of the lies perpetrated upon them well brave Americans fight now fight hard to save your country because I pray for the whole world have done for many many years I prayed for Trump to be elected knowing what would befall the world if HRC got into the White House, and if you Dear Americans who have from school onwards been brainwashed from all sides lose your ‘inalienable rights’ the rest of the world will fall into darkness, if you succeed the world at large stands a chance but we too have responsibility to stand up.

In parting I wonder how many of you saw pictures of people around the world showing their support for Trump who has shown more MORAL courage than any single person I know of, and it is moral courage that is a rare thing and needs to be found inside each and every one of us, The best picture i saw was native Africans stood outside wicker huts with a Trump placard

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