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Dear Jim: Re: Cooper, Toobin, and Other News - Update [Absolute Must See!]

On 12/2/21 10:58 AM, Jeff wrote in response to:

> Let's assume the White Hats are putting some initial pressure on the

> media. If so they are forcing CNN to employ predictive programming by

> linking the currently clean media darling Cooper to the soiled Toobin.

> Birds of a Feather Flock Together...

Skipping forward to the present...

@EzraACohen posted a hint that matches my earlier answer to your dilemma about why in the hell Cooper would resurrect Toobin on his studio set.

"Anderson Cooper is the main kingpin pedophile at CNN."

Also, last week on Dec 6 @EzraACohen posted, "EUROPE HAS FALLEN" in pic format. This predates and matches the timing of the Antarctica sting of Lagarde and Schwab as reported by Fulford this week.

@EzraACohen also posted a closeup backstage pic of DJT that could only have been taken and released by, or with permission from, his inner circle. Was this pic posted to help show this account is legit? Jeff

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