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Dear Jim: Re: Cliff High Today.

Clif is counting on peeps having short memories.

I am now convinced 100% that Clif is some sort of disinfo agent, perhaps because of some arm twisting by the Woo, who knows? Years ago he was one of the first widely recognized bloggers to bash Sather. At the time Sather was just getting connected with the Blue Chickens and To The Stars Academy and I stopped following him for that reason alone, not anything Clif said. Today it seems you need a permit from Clif if you want to bash Sather, like Jordan is his personal whipping boy. I have no idea if Sather ever publicly disconnected from the UFO and Alien distraction agents.

Clif is also saying there is no new financial system coming, the current system is just going to crash. Whaaaa? There are obviously big time good guys organized against the Woo. Would the good guys crash the system without a ready replacement, QFS or otherwise? The good guys are using Woo's own "System" against the Woo, The Hegelian Dialectic - create problems (many) for the Woo then provide anti-Woo solutions. Chaos!

Then there's Clif's big time chlorine dioxide bashing at the beginning of the scamdemic. Sather promotes it big time. Stuff doesn't add up.

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Subject: Clif High Summary

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:05:03 -0600

From: Jeff

To: Jim Costa <>

I like a lot of what Clif has to say but he seems to have a leash of some sort - like a distraction agent. I don't think it's a tight leash but something is there to see if you follow him enough.

Early in the scamdemic he told us how to take care of ourselves by eating healthy, taking specific supplements, and avoiding MMS, that is, chlorine dioxide. He went out of his way to say that the bleach would give us cancer and kill us dead. He may have dissed HCQ as well, don't remember, but he sure didn't promote it. He closed that video blurb by whining about losing his retirement years to the pandemic and ended in a badly faked emotional breakdown complete with crying that was embarrasing to watch.

A few weeks ago he went out of his way to dis 4 specific alt-news outlets at one time: SantaSurfing, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and Charlie Freak. He essentially said their info was crap and not to listen to them. Why would he do that, maybe because they all promote the QFS, a near turn-key asset backed solution? My translation is that we should listen to that QFS news (or hopium).

Recently Clif seems to be pushing various cryptos as a chaotic transition between dying fiat currencies and a stable global solution that doesn't yet exist. No mention of QFS as that solution.

Look here, not over there! Jeff

Response From Jim: Thanks for your thoughts Jeff. Here are a few of mine.

I totally agree with all he said about the 2% and the Left unable to win this one. He suggests it may not be until 2040 that we get rid of the last of the real world controllers. My immediate thought was of two Japanese soldiers still hiding in the Philippines fifteen years after WWII ended. After one died the second was captured. But they were no threat nor did they control anything. He is unaware of the QFS. Most of us are not. The Reset will prove NESARA/GESARA are real or not. But to recover the U. S. before it dies will require a huge amount of capital back into it, immediately. That much is clear. Otherwise it will not matter if we bring Abe Lincoln, John Kennedy and others back from the dead for a big parade. The label on the inflow of wealth to revive capitalism here may be unnamed at this time, but it must occur.

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