• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Clif High and Gesara/Nesara

Manic Monday!

I love Clif's breakdown of the possible direction of things. It helps to put other things into context.

One thing, though, is that I don't agree that Nesara/Gesara are just talk.

What is your take on that aspect of things? Thank you. Reggie

Response: I assume we are discussing NESARA/GESARA, right?

I believe it is true after years of study. But if it is not we will quickly arrive at performing what those programs were designed to do anyway.

It is the only way we can recreate ourselves before most of us die off from inaction.

If we as a culture come into retaking back wealth stolen from us what will we do with it, just sit on it in a storehouse? No, it must go to the people who can then recreate a functioning financial system by capitalism and investment.

So whether it was preplanned or it becomes a grass roots movement, we will see it's concept come to fruition.

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