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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Clif High

I agree with Jeff regarding Clif. I admire Clif for many things, most certainly for his brilliant mind.

My beef is that he harshly criticizes other "truthers". He could more diplomatically disagree with Kerry Cassidy, Charlie Ward, and Simon Parkes or say nothing at all. His attacks on them are bad form in my opinion.

Some time ago, when Clif was just recovering from his illness, he behaved shamefully toward James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch, a man I greatly admire. I doubt that Clif apologized but he surely should have.

Only other thing is awful curse words Clif enjoys using but he has stated that he has no intention of changing that.

As you can see, my criticisms come from a more right brain female perspective. Ha!

💖 Sylvia

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