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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Question on SGAnon Report.

Dear Jim,

Apparently considerable time and networking was involved with attempting to set up grand jury’s and re-establishment Of the republic here in Florida. My question, from what SGANON has said , juries all over the country had been formed and were doing things.

Has one of the many people, any of the people with whom you networked contacted you indicating that what SGANON said contacted you with any information that this was really going on ???

If not, were the 15 pages just manufactured by someone attempting to pass himself off as God ….


My Response:

No, I have not heard anything from others.

Because of the nature of committing Treason vs Ending Treason,

every group kept their cards close to their vests.

Regarding the 15 pages: I go back to the medical principle

"When you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras."

Which is more probable: A 15 page indictment and its ruling, all

signed and notarized, or a smart ass playing a joke like this at this time?

Also, which is more possible, SG "finding" that document alone

or it was a card handed him to be revealed at this time as disclosure?

Hunters do not track every footprint of his prey, they look ahead

and see where he is headed. Where else would this track be leading us?

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