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Dear Jim: Powell Suicide?

Take it easy,

Take it easy,

Don't let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.

Eagles, 1972


X22 covered the death of C. Powell and reminded us that some may take the easy way out and leave early. Hero or Zero?

On Monday Real Raw News posted about Powell's suicide but in a few short hours it went poof. Article said his recently filled bottle of Ambien sleeping pills was found nearly empty. After 911 was called the FBI showed up - not police, sheriff, or paramedics.

There have been several short lived articles posted on RRN and this one is not likely the last. Truth or White Hat disinfo at RRN?


The RRN article is still up but with a hidden URL. A basic web search finds other Alt-News articles linking and/or reposting it. The RNN search function does not find it.

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