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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Parkes Sliding China.

I was somewhat surprised by Parkes' "Sliding Situation" description of the Russia/NATO/Ukraine friction. Seems slightly negative, like a setback, but we'll see pretty soon I guess...

More appropriate was today's post by that Telegram EzraACohen character who reposted Q-Drop #523 with a 4-year Delta (has it really been that long?):


Q-Post #523 can be verified here:

My take on "Checkmate" is that the Globalist's trinity of city-state capitols, The Vatican, City of London, and Washington DC, have all apparently been taken down in some form or fashion. The Queen has been out of Buckingham Palace for about 2 years. The Vatican is no longer operating as usual (closed for Xmas, etc). DC Capitol buildings are largely fenced off (we are watching a movie, The Brandon Show).

Add a few items to the above and it really does look like checkmate in a few more moves. "They" are losing control of the global Covid narrative. They are losing control of their ancestral home base, the Ukraine. They are losing control of their future NWO capitol, Astana, Kazakhstan.

One might imagine that Astana is a 3rd world kind of place but it really looks like an ultra modern mix between The Vatican and Wash DC with plenty of Masonic/Illuminati symbolism. An aerial view of the city layout would be nice but there are plenty of other revealing pics here:

Yup, the NWO looks to be sliding slowly, very slowly, into the sunset, but first, that necessary [SCARE] event:

Let's Go Brandon, end this movie! Jeff

Response: Your excellent analysis made my day Jeff. Thanks.

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