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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Options.

7 Possible Options Presented:

1 Election cancelled…. That did not happen, 6 left

2. out of 6 , only 1 shows Dems win by corrupt acts that will not happen, 5 left

3. Dems cheat on senate race only …. Keeps Dems in power in administration; Very possible, 4 left.

4. Biden blocks Rep win – will not happen, 3 left

5. Reps win both houses and declare martial law – nope congress don’t have authority, 2 left

6. Dems cheat massive BOTH houses – arrest orders out for DST (we have been told already ink is dry on that paper AND we have been told that DST will already be out of country) and military steps in possible, 120 DAY cooling off period and NESARA and GESARA will be announced. Maybe, maybe sooooo


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