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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Occupied????

The opposite of admitting that the United States is captured would have us admit that the Constitution of the US no longer has any legal meaning ????

It would appear to me, that if the above is “true” AND given the fact that DJT dissolved

the corporation about 15 months ago that one would be lead to the conclusion

we do not have any laws that apply to us any more except the state laws……………….

Otherwise, the constitution as legally amended, would be the legal foundation we have to stand on…….

What say you ? Jack

Response: Things are in a state of change, confusion and a fog. Perhaps it is "Call" time. Are we under the Constitution? Is the Biden Administration under the Constitution? Shouldn't the two be reconciled or shall we pretend all is well and continue to say out loud what may be going on?

Is the Trump Admin still in power? Is Biden in power? Is China in Power? Don't know, Don't know, Don't know.

Is Trump playing a trick on The Dems? If so how long are we to dangle above the shark bite? What should I do if the Governor decrees my Grand-Daughter must be poisoned? At that point in time I would have to personally decide the answers to the above questions. Would I have the right to kill then?

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