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Dear Jim: No one will know WTF cryptos have been signaling.

From Clif High: Zeor Day?

"No one will know WTF cryptos have been signaling with their over-the-weekend behavior."

Calling all woo...

Many bloggers and psychics are predicting cryptos to crash bigly - not all but most. Examples are Utsava, Whiplash347, and Jsnip4. I like Jsnip4's amusing account the most: [ 23 min ]

Save time with this SHORT summary:

Snippy asks "Spirit" for a dream about crypto prices. He gets a dream, wakes up, and speaks notes into his cell phone voice recorder so he doesn't forget later. In the dream he has to take a crap real bad but the public/community toilet is clogged. He plunges it and crap comes out a nearby floor drain so he plunges that too. Total effing mess. Not much is needed to decode his crypto dream - total crap down the shitter.


Snippy is a highly successful crypto psychic. He quit his network programming job to trade cryptos and has paid off an unaffordable home, industrial (30KW?) generator, ultralight aircraft, 3-person helicopter, Tesla car, big truck, and on, and on. He hangs out in the woo with Bix and Clif.

I can't stand the heat so I'm staying out of the crypto kitchen. Jeff

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