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Dear Jim: Nice letter to your grandson's scout master

I'm sure he'll appreciate receiving it. Scouting is a wonderful organization. All of my 3 boys were involved (as well as me, I held many positions) and I really grew to respect how good it was for the boys. I hope your grandson really enjoys it. Pete

Response: Thanks Pete.

I was tricked into becoming a Scoutmaster when I was about 25 years old. The father of a school chum was a long time Scoutmaster and asked me to cover for him for a short time after his surgery. He never came back. I stayed in it off and on over nine years.

At the time I was a night student at the university in Business Management. After a year of being with the troop I realized I was making straight As but was learning less in the way of leadership than the scouts learned from hands on experience and some day soon I would be competing with them. So I changed my major to Accounting instead to avoid that.

I was a Scoutmaster to contribute, that was my only reason to be there. But about five years down the road I realized that by having to stay ahead of the boys in order to train them to be leaders, I got my unofficial PHD in leadership as payback. It’s funny how the universe works, isn’t it?

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