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Dear Jim: Movie: Leaving The World Behind; The Q Clock Today. [with PS]

Last night I watched the Movie Leaving The World Behind. I realize that it is being said it is Obama’s movie and that it may be the Deep State foretelling us what they intend to do.

If you notice, the movie is presented in phases, beginning with Phase One titled The Black-Out.

Look at the current Q Clock: Link. Note that it tells us to Prepare for Phase 1, Blackout. The clock points to 10:00 PM Firday night ET.

Also note that yesterday Tesla recalled ALL of their cars due to problems with the auto pilot module. The movie depicts Tesla cars being hacked to all drive into themselves on the major highways blocking exits.

Kevin Gibson

My Response:

I get things in my sleep. When I woke up I had the thought that the Energy Weapons they used (Sound) cannot be used on the entire planet. They will consume too much energy. Therefore, they would never be wasted in the country, only cities. Therefore, the purpose of the move was to show show us their toy box.

Also last night I woke up exactly at 2:02 and then next at 3:03. Repeat in time patterns is an important signal to me. That is my que that either I formulated someting correctly or heads up over the next two days for a big/important event.

P. S. Blackout could also mean Internet or news blackout.

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