• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Mike Adams Thinks the SCOTUS Sold Out.

Mike Adams certainly thinks that the Supreme Court sold us out! I do not want to believe it and I am not convinced it is a blessing. The waiting is hell. I don't think we should hold much longer. Judy

Response: A game is being played. At this time I don't think the SC sold out. I think they are playing at a negotiated strategy (game).

I still feel they gave (or know they will give at the right moment) to trump the winning judgement and both parties are keeping it quiet. This is to educate the masses.

Remember: The Elite want to stamp out Christianity. 5 of the 9 judges are Catholic. I do not know what the other 4 are. All 9 realize that if Biden wins their power and the future justice of the court will be watered down to where the court is a sham.

This is hardly what they want their legacy to be. At this point in life legacy is all that matters to them. So we are seeing a game, theater. The ending is near.

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