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Dear Jim: McAfeeAfterlife Quick Summary

Juan O Savin Told Jaco that the McAfeeAfterlife channel was run by the same folks as the Q Team. Lot's of interesting posts there. Interview edited down to 5 minutes by Jetson White:

McAfee's deadman channel:

The following was mostly taken from Tom Numbers recent interview of O Savin - 2.5 hours:

McAfee was setup in business just like Zuckerberg, Musk, and others. They were given ready to run commercial-military data mining businesses hatched out of DARPA projects and such. They are/were front office business personas, not necessarily technologists.

McAfee did not like the way he was being controlled. Before he parted ways and "retired", he gave a bunch of spyware infected laptops to high profile people. The laptops quietly sent data to McAfee servers located all around. The Cabal harassed McAfee as he went on the run to Central America and beyond. Somehow McAfee's condo complex in Miami collapsed - imagine that.

31 Terabytes of sensitive data was setup with a delayed deadman switch that activated upon McAfee's supposed death in a Spanish prison. The timer was set to go off at 400,000,000 and passed the 346,957,803 mark on Apr 24, 2022.

"Current Burn: 346,957,803

Vault Opens at 400,000,000


31TB All the Right People are Scared;"

Many of the 17-ish Telegram channels are predicting something on May 5th. I think the above is it, or at least part of it - NCSVVIC. Maybe it's the real Declass. C before D. (Clinton already fooked.) How do you introduce nefarious evidence? Make it public?




NEW 45 45 45 ( 12 years of 45 ? )



----------- Changing the subject somewhat -------------------------

I have often wondered about the Ivanka-Jared angle. Did she sacrifice her womanhood as a femme fatale to infiltrate Chabad? Perhaps she deserves a Nobel Q Prize. Online images show there are multiple doubles for both of them - some not even close.

"Where’s Jared??

Think Knees & Elbows Blown Out;

Life Alert; Help He Can’t Get Up;

He Kisses the Floor in the Name of God Now"

No White Hats? Yeah, right...


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