• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Mandates.

How can Biden/Congress even deal with a mandate that requires an Emergency Authorized Use med that hasn't been fully authorized by FDA? If this is allowed there will be a revolution among businesses and the population. This needs to move on to the Supreme Court or do we need to create "Sanctuary States" in response. I'm tired of everybody referring to this as a "vaccine" when it isn't. There are people dying from the vaccine....or is this intentional? James

Response: James, again I am reminded of a final exam I once took that only had one question on it. Although worded somewhat differently, it was "Describe the universe and give two complete examples."

I got lucky. I wanted to be home with Mamma and knew I had my grade so I gave a four minute answer and went home while everyone else except for another student stayed the 90 minutes slaving. The professor made them remain, collected the BS and threw it in the trash stating "I already have your grades but just wanted you to prove to yourself that you knew your stuff."

Later this morning I will finish a Rant about bags. It may help.

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