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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Manafort.

I am   I R A T E at what Manafort says about the fraud election!!!
What are your thoughts?   Judy

Response:  I too was shocked.  Then I remember Trump said this is no longer about the Election.

Last week I wrote a Rant about Putin fighting a proxy war in Ukraine against NATO and the West.
I was amazed to see that he left that war and attacked and is taking down Western Europe.

Perhaps Trump is taking down both the Biden Admin as well as the entire world mafia.
Maybe sometimes you have to make major jumps in the game to win it all.

Response back From Judy:   This could go on forever!!!!
 Too many people suffering and dying for these games to continue! 
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1 Comment

John Duggan
John Duggan
Sep 18, 2022

Manafort is a Dim. He's making everything sound okay, like not discussing the economy, our white hating el presidente, and the absolute injustice of the Dims' overthrow of the election. Busch vs. Gore was a squeaker, but Trump vs. Biden was a no-contest, a run-way election. And Biden is a communist as well which means we'll have a lot of dead people sooner or later. Oops Covid shot. Sooner! Now!

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