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Dear Jim: Late October Flip.

Don't know if Juan O has stated this anywhere else but recently he said that the Deep State will begin flipping at the end of October: “The fulcrum in October occurs in the very last couple of days of October and things then flip. This is the Esther moment, reversal of fortune.” “We will just stop it dead in its tracks. We’re not going to get the stupid f*ing shot. We’re not going to kill ourselves off, we’re not going to self-eliminate and the ones that were conned into it, we’re going to bring in therapies and treatments to help offset the damage.” Video repost with Oct 7 article summary: ---------------------------- I haven't been following the Fakebook story very closely but it's a no brainer that the 60 Minutes whistle blower was a setup. On the other hand I can't believe that the 6hr total shutdown was an insider job because the loss of tens of million$ in revenue and billion$ in stock market cap would have been predictable and the Deep State can't really afford that right now. Parkes will tell us and apologize when he's wrong in a big way. DC airport shutdown Monday? It's a federal holiday! --------------------------- Those interested in Deep Space woo-woo might wanna see Sean David Morton on Kerry's new YT channel. These 2 are old friends and they give each other a hard time. They have very different views on a few aspects of the SSP. Sean gives a very glamorous view of the SSP in interviews and also in his "Sands of Time" book series. He paints them as saviors of planet Earth from belligerent ET attacks. On the other hand Kerry supports the SSP/Military but notes that the SSP treats their super soldiers very, very badly - not glam at all. Clif High has mentioned that China will not attempt a boots on the ground kinetic war with the US because the citizens are armed to the teeth and the Military (SSP) has weapons beyond public comprehension. A photo of a futuristic craft was recently leaked as a warning to all. Plus, there are recent weapons demonstrations like the highly unusual Nashville "bombing" last Xmas and the DEW demo in Shenyang last Aug: (Scroll up and down for more angles of the same incident.) Those billion$ of US weapons left behind in Afghanistan are totally obsolete. A new normal awaits us. If the SSP is successfully defending Earth from ET attacks as S. D. Morton suggests then the SSP will need continued funding at whatever the cost. At least that funding should be public instead of covert Deep State theft. The big picture is far bigger than most can imagine. Breadcrumbs for anyone interested... ---- Norm Bergrun, "The Ringmakers of Saturn," 1986. Analysis of Voyager results - we are not alone in the solar system. Free PDF download. Hardcopies of this book sell for hundred$ and possibly thousand$. ---- William Tompkins interviews: ---- Catherine Austin Fitts. Years ago she spoke at UFO conferences to discuss the trillion$ missing from agency budgets that presumably went to the Breakaway Civilization or SSP. She suggests that MJ12 was so scared after seeing "The Ringmakers of Saturn" in the Voyager space probe photos that they arranged whatever funding the SSP required. Remember Raygun's Star Wars program? ---- Gary McKinnon, NASA/Pentagon hacker, found records of an operational space fleet with some off-world personnel rosters. ---- Living like the The Jetson's is just around the corner but maybe a little too late for this old timer.


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