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Dear Jim: Juan O on Section 11.4 of The DoD Law of War plus This and That...

Spaceshot76 interviews Juan O. Juan goes over section 11.4 of the Law of War pertaining to the Jan 20 date for ending belligerent occupation that has been blogged about by many in alt-news. There is a one year time limit for the belligerent occupiers to get their act together and it's been 1 year since the fake inauguration began the occupation. Simon Parkes told us a bit ago that if nothing big happens then something went wrong. So, Let's go Brandon, rip off that mask! This topic starts around 45:00 give or take.

Simon Parkes also told us about a year ago that Trump may be allowed a 3rd term since his 2nd was getting so buggered up.


NESARA Debt Jubilee???!!!

Silence Dogood, MBA:

"Student loan processor navient required to cancel [$1.7] billion in student loans. Sounds like more NESARA loan forgiveness testing to me, and a 17 confirmation!" (includes link to CNBC)


Kerry Cassidy posted on Telegram:

"About a year ago I was told by a deep source that we would have a war with China and Russia and that the purpose was as a practice for militaries to prepare for war with off world invaders…"


"The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing - the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.

- Detective James Rothstein (NYPD, Retired)"

------------------------------------- Jeff

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