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Dear Jim: Jim’s Rant - Economics. “When Do You Think It’s Going To Happen?”

ICYMI, back in Nov or Dec 2021 Sean David Morton told us in a Project Camelot interview to write down the date 2-22-2022. I wrote it on the refrigerator so it wouldn't get lost in the woo. In the last week or two that date has been noted by many alt-news bloggers as a turning point. We'll find out soon I guess, but in any case, I don't expect Trump back in public office until the worst of the bad news lands in Resident Brandon's inbox for his inaction.

In other news, "satire" site seems to be reliably back on line for now. The fact it got taken down so often must mean they are right over the target. Also, is posting a lot more than normal.

Hope you are feeling better. Horse paste is back on the shelf at Tractor Supply Co after being out of stock for several months.

Response: Thanks Jeff. Still getting better. If I have to use the horse medicine I will. I have always used horse products as medicine, especially horse shit for chapped lips.

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