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Dear Jim: JC with Dick Allgire; Death of the Petrodollar.

I thought Dick Allgire's recent chat with JC was great but maybe not a great topic for everyone. They talked more about life around remote viewing rather than viewing particulars. Some personal takeaways but there are a lot more interesting topics:

He says the days of paper money are over and it's too late for newbies starting from scratch to move large sums, like retirement funds, into crypto. Learning, setup, and transfer would take 6 weeks (I suppose to do it intelligently across many currencies.) This means something big is about to happen very, very soon.

He does not remote view silver but his group's analyst says $30 by years end. This leaves me with some big questions when considering the previous topic.

He corroborated Simon Parkes without mentioning him, that there have been 6 civilizations before us. Many years ago Parkes told us that humanity had reached the tipping point 6 or 7 times before and failed to break free from our controllers each time. Back into the recycle bin.

He does not wish for humanity to break free from our upper level controllers because the the tippy top out is of this world. We would eventually have to deal with the masters of the solar system and then the galactics above them. Maybe too dangerous considering the vastness of it all.


p.s. Burying the stash. Consider sealing it up and dropping it into the septic tank instead. Probably safe enough and no need to destroy the septic system if you need it before you are dead. Yuck!

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