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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: It suddenly has become all to clear !!!!Q

They raided Mike Lindell

I think someone figured out that DJT gave Mike the docs, so

Mike took them and stuffed them in the pillows……………..

Talk about sleeping on the secrets !!!!

The real question is: who has the pillow that was stuffed ???

That could open up everybody in the US for search …

Now the new I R S agents have excuse to go to those sound sleepers…

Also, they got Mike’s phone ………………………..

Can you imagine the state secrets stored on Mike’s phone ????

Why he might even be Q?? or the infamous non-existent Qanon


YOU ASK how did we figure all that wealth of knowledge out ???

We assure you, that we are not folks that are oh soooo smart !!!! Well, today, when we turned our computers on Mr. Gates decided

to do another unannounced update of our strangulation software………

Soooo during the wait time, while the cobra tightened its grip, we were a ble to strategize and come to conclusions contained herein………..

But I want to inform you, we were careful and fully informed !!!, we took our batteries out of our phones before we discussed any of the above the subjects and went into another room where Alexia could not

And the computers could not hear us !!! Aren’t you proud of us !! its sooooo nice to live in such a free country …..

One where if you committed treason, you would automatically run

for president so you could hide behind the vale of that political

campaign so as to escape prosecution…

and to make doubly sure you become a full blooded member of the demo/rhino club …………


not sure of anything anymore

PS: Its good, that the other side has not come to conclusion that the

definition of Q also COULD also stand for “”””””QUACK “””””

they tag us with other names instead…..

and one more thing….we know how to spell think !!!!


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