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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Is our military really going to act??!!! Judy

I believe so. I have seen too much lately that cannot be explained other than the White Hats being on the offensive.

Let’s just talk about the FTX debacle. For them to be that illiquid for several months I find it statistically improbable that they prepared their Bankruptcy petition to be filed on that exact day of the Mid-Terms. This is especially unusual after their admission in March that their biggest account purpose was to launder money for Ukraine.

Then look at the ages of their staff; all under 30. They were not leaders but rather stooges and followers. They were being used by the Democrats. By their own admission this had been their purpose for the past ten years. This means they were set up around the age of twenty.

This also means they operated a slush fund for the $ Billions going in and back out of Ukraine.

Therefore all that is needed is to follow their books to see the flow of the money.

So here is my conjecture. They were captured by the White Hats recently, who put together the Bankruptcy petition to be served on the day of the mid-terms, as a “Gotcha” message to the Democrats. The Gotcha is “We Gotcha canceled checks that you thought were encrypted”.

The Money flow ties in with the costs of election stealing, with a lot of last minute payoffs not happening because of the bankruptcy. Unpaid trash always get pissed and are willing to squeal. Match this with the up close and personal live monitoring of the election stealing and it’s over for the Democrats. I personally don’t see a need to wait for the vote certification formality.

I hope that the net will be closed and disclosed on Tuesday the 15th. But as always they alone know the dates but I still see a winning plan in action by the White Hats.

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