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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Interesting article you did on your change for the better, thinking outside the box. . .

Interesting article you did on your change for the better, thinking outside the box, yet restarting the Commune type of scenario but with a Twist.

I am just rambling and not fully awake yet, so don't hold me to my thoughts as I have not assimilated all of your dream fully yet. However, this is new thinking appears to give you a new purpose and one that is based on kind of both types of systems, Communes (or in your case, a Community way of alliance). Bringing out the best of the two systems into one. Interesting. Seems it would bring a lot of peace of mind and security. Just thinking need to have like a Constitution of sorts so everyone has a guide and rules of thought so that nobody takes advantage of just being lazy and taking advantage of this. With a touch of capitalism thrown in, like you were stating this might be the clincher that binds. Not sure what I am saying cause I remember the Communes of the 60"s and the draw of people that went to some......they failed cause they lacked certain things. Learn from the past and make it better.

I am hoping you have the possibility of getting funds from the Nesera which to me is moving fast. Trump just flew back from Switzerland after signing big papers seemingly as far as we know that helps complete the Contract of the New quantum financial system for the world. March is suppose to be a big month starting the rollout of this new system and awaking the public to all the crap that has been going on for centuries and where we are going from here after the disclosures which will shake a lot of people.

Anyway, best of luck on your endeavor and sounds very interesting. Devil is in the details...........wrong word with devil, that is an old saying I remember......but you know what I mean.

Good health, wealth and a vision of hope and peaceful way of enjoying life. Bye the way, if I come there and join, are you going to have some good looking Chicks for me to date.........ha! Just kidding........sort my age of 72, friend ship is really important. Adam

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