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Dear Jim: Important Notice About Insurance Coverage.

At first this seems to be a change in your contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Then I thought a second. I am taking it as BC/BS is insolvent?

Btw I don't go to this dental group...but get their emails… Jeannine


Monday, January 10, 2022

Dear Patients of Dr.’s Chaney, Couch, Callaway, Carter & Associates;

This letter is to inform all patients of upcoming change’s regarding your Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Dental insurance.

If you currently have a Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield or non- Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that requires us to bill your medical insurance prior to billing your dental insurance such as; GEHA or ANTHEM, you will be required to pay the entire amount of your procedure at the time of service.

If you have an out of state Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plan, such as; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Georgia, California, Michigan just to name a few, you will be required to pay in full for all procedures at the time of service.

If you have any other Blue Cross dental such as: UNICARE, ANTHEM, GRID PLUS dental plan you will be required to pay in full for all procedures at the time of service. Our agreement with UNICARE will be terminated as of February 15th, 2022.

If you have Florida Blue Dental, Blue Dental Choice or Florida Combined Life Dental, either through your employer such as Leon Co. Schools or you have purchased an individual plan as your primary dental plan, the changes noted above DO NOT apply to you.

Our office does not file any secondary insurance.

Please note: these changes will take effect on February 15th, 2022.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

Dr. Chaney, Couch, Callaway, Carter & Associates

Response: I am taking it as the dental practice will no longer file insurance claims for you. You must collect from the insurance company yourself. Why is the big question.


A) The dentist no longer has confidence in the insurance company and its life expectancy, B) The dentist has closed down his insurance billing office as a cost saving, C) The dentist needs his cash same day as service and not after a 4 month wait. D) The dentist is tired of the insurance company setting his rates for him.

E) All the above.

Jeannine: Good points. Yes, he could just be saving on his billing...

Response: Or his insurance clerk is deceased and cannot be replaced. Expect a lot of this in the future as systems collapse.

Can I share this conversation as a rant?

Jeannine: Sure. Share this conversation. Because I want people to be aware. They need to expect the unexpected in ALL areas of their life. God forbid, what if you are in a car wreck and you have full coverage and the body shop wants full payment first, before he does the work.

In essence that is what this dentist is saying. I personally have not danced with people like this in the past, because no contract has been established. Doctors started asking for co-pays in advance about 17 years ago. Hmm, no estimate was provided beforehand. There was no meeting of the minds, so I refused. But if due to the jab, their staff is dead, short handed whatever, then I may have to reframe my views on what a contract is and how I make financial decisions, whether they be medical, mechanical repairs or?

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