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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: I took your email, thought it was soooo important, I expanded it a bit.

Its reported that on Monday Charles Flynn, brother of former national security adviser, was tapped to lead US Army Pacific. In the process he was promoted to a four star General!!!!

become a four star General in the normal world doesn’t one have to be approved by the President for such a promotion???? So now the question has to be asked, would Biden ever allow the brother of a most hated enemy, Gen. Michael Flynn, to take such a promotion and important job?????

Does that promotion mean that someone else made it? Does that mean that someone else is in political and military control ????? If someone else has control and power would it besubstantial proof that Trump did, in fact, sign the insurrection Act??? It’s a fact that the insurrection act in effect turns the country over to military control !!!! (ie: part of that control gives the power to the military to make presidential appointments).

Now, if Trump did sign the insurrection act and the military is in control, do we have to believe that Trump turned over all the evidence he had of corruption, treason and illicit activities by government officials to the military??? Did Trump have to justify signing signing the insurrection act and what proof did he turn over to the military when he did?

If the above is true then one comes to the conclusion that we have two groups “that to the uninformed eye appear” to be in political power right now… (The Biden administration with the supporting unions, tech giants, TV news networks on one side AND military on the other side) In reaching our conclusion, we must remember that over the past 3+ years we have been following the ever growing number of sealed inditements for elicit activities, treason and corruption piling up in the federal courts – last count I remember was 191,000 and oddly enough remain largely UNSEALED at this writing !!!

QUESTION IS: will the military ;given its power that is granted under the insurrection act AND with full knowledge of the corruption and illicit activities that it has come into the possession of; Flip the switch??

if the switch is flipped; how, when and in what manner will it be FLIPPED???? If the switch is flipped, will the 191,000+ sealed inditements present in the courts today be opened????

if the switch is flipped, will it include the demand of implementation of NESARA (part of a farmers lawsuit VICTORY ; a lawsuit that started many, many years ago) that ended up in the Supreme Court as a victory for the farmer; challenged our current economic system, the Supreme Court gave victory to the farmer, assigned a 3 judge panel to write the verdict AND finally the verdict of the Supreme Court was passed into law by Congress before 9-11. The verdict and the law passed has not been in the news !!! and the verdict/laws implementation would completely change in our economic system as we know it !!!)????

Seems like it is a kind’a interesting set of circumstances – especially when we remember that Trump had restructured the armed forces. He created one group of just SPECIAL FORCES equal in status and standing to the Army, Air Force, Navy whose leadership bypasses the Pentagon and reports directly to the top military leaders; AND Trump appointed at least two of the top officials in charge of the military; cleared out the Pentagon by reappointments and reassignments as best he could; AND appointed General Michael Flynn a special place in top military management!!! Jack

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