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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: I hope everyone has read Seymour Hersch's substack about the

Nord Stream Pipeline attack (this), which describes in detail how the USA carried it out and how Biden gave final approval for the attack. Seymour is known to have very good sources and has top credibility. Western media is suppressing the story. Most importantly, I've read that both Russia and China believe the report is true. The US Embassy in Russia is telling Americans in Russia to leave Russia (this). Also, China has just raised their Draft age to 60 (this)! Then of course we have all this cover-up nonsense about the shooting down of objects in the skies over N. America (Canadian Prepper explains why this is happening).

It seems fair to me that since the US got busted for doing this evil act, that they should make amends: apologize to Russia and then pony up money to repair the pipeline. That might cool hostilities. Unfortunately, I doubt that Russia-hating Neocons in the US State Dept. will want to cool hostilities, but some of our congressional reps might. I called my reps and suggested this today.

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